Level 3 Education

Each topic is written with the assumption you have read the topic levels before it. If there are abbreviations or concepts you do not understand. Please start at Level 1 and work your way back to the subject you are looking for.

This by no means a full and comprehensive study of all subject matter. We offer this as a source to help you better maintain your landscapes and perhaps as a method to help identify qualified service professionals when the time comes. We believe a knowledgeable consumer is an empowered consumer.

Nota Bene: This is a project underway and may not be complete for some time. Also, information can change as new advancements in science and technology come forward.


Level 3 Education

  • Soils - Understanding Soil Analysis Reports II
  • Soils - Microbiota
  • Soils - Nematodes
  • Fertilizer / Water Interactions
  • Fertilizers - Advanced Technologies
  • Pesticides - IPM
  • Plant Winterization - What happens in the Plant and How to Improve Hardiness
  • Turf Winterization
  • Turf - It Must be Perfect Now, I'll Spare No Expense